Cosmetician makes microneedling


Cleansing and conditioning of facial features for a healthier, youthful glow
Woman getting ultrasound face beauty treatment

Browse through our facial treatment programs below and find one that works for you and your face.

Signature Lyfestyle

Deep cleaning, conditioning, and exfoliating the skin to maintain longevity and elasticity even during aging

Gentleman’s Facial

Centered on regular massaging and added stimulation of the skin where hair commonly grows


Uses super serums and LED phototherapy to increase blood circulation, hydrate the skin, brighten the natural skin tone, etc.


Helps tighten skin for a natural, more radiant look with collagen induction through sterilized needle punctures

P.R.P Facial

Uses your blood platelets to keep you looking fresh and young. May be injected back through the face or scalp.

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